BECI – Experience one on one class with APIBECI

In a normal school setting, there are far too many students sit in a classroom, surrounded by thirty other students, receiving no attention from their teacher. Too many students are unable to communicate with their instructors, falling behind in classes and failing to master materials.

With API BECI’s one-on-one teacher and student interactions, students are able to learn faster, master more material, remember their coursework and truly love learning. One-on-one learning relationships empower students to take control over their studies, have the confidence to communicate what they need and receive the personalized attention that will enable them to succeed.

In a one to one class, it will never go on without the student so the student will never miss out on learning or fear falling behind. In addition, there is high-quality interaction where students feel heard. Teachers are committed to listening to the student and actively responding. Conversations are almost always student-driven where the student has control over the questions they ask and the feedback they receive from their instructors.

Through API BECI’s one-on-one interactions, students learn to trust their teachers and are given a completely safe space to openly share creating a lesser-stress environment and therefore teachers can gauge the student’s progress and mastery. In a one-on-one relationship, they can keep track of their progress, monitoring their successes and struggles. Instructors can then adjust or completely alter their lessons and personalize them so as to fully serve our valued students.