CNS II – Challenge for the Twin: Going to Singapore

by Zenia (Korea/19/24weeks) and Lim (Korea/19/24weeks)

Please, introduce yourself.

[Zenia] My real name is Yewon, coming from Korea. I have studied here for 2 months, and I will study 4 months more.

[Lim] I am Lim. Nice to meet you. We came here together. We are twins.

[Z] Actually, originally, I planned to come here alone, but suddenly, my parents thought that studying abroad is much better than in Korea, so they changed the plan.

[L] I think it is better because we can take care of each other.

Why did you start to study IELTS?

[Z] I want to study at a university in Singapore. There are two ways to enter university there. Whether candidates submit overall 6.0 IELTS score or they have to take the entrance exam. My parents and I think the former option is better because if I can get my target score in IELTS, I will achieve 2 purposes at the same time; speaking English well and meeting the university’s requirement.

How did you know CNSⅡ for the first time, and why did you choose this academy?

[L] Our agency recommended me 2 academies; one is in Cebu and another one is CNSⅡ in Baguio. After considering, we chose CNSⅡ because we thought this academy focuses on IELTS more. Aside from that, Cebu is famous for many kinds of entertainment which can distract us from studying. Because of these reasons, we chose to study at CNSⅡ.

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What is your plan after finishing your studies at CNSⅡ?

[Z] We will go back to Korea and stay there for 1 week. And then, we will go to the university in Singapore. I plan to major in marketing in the university.

[L] Actually, it depends on our IELTS scores. If I can get 6.5 in IELTS, I want to study statistic. But if I cannot achieve this score, I will study marketing also.

Which class is the most effective to study?

[L] We think it will be a speaking class. The reason is that if we can speak well, it is not only good for the test but also good for our daily conversation.

As Korean students, what is the most effective point while studying in CNSⅡ?

[L] In CNSⅡ, there are many students of different nationalities. That is why we have to speak English most of the time with others. I think it is good for practicing English.

How about the quality of CNSⅡ teachers?

[Z] Teachers’ quality is generally very good. All teachers are always willing to answer my questions not only during class time but also even during break time, so I feel their passion to educate me as long as they can. I can even ask my teachers questions via SNS anytime.

[L] My teachers recommend me good English movies, music, and fancy restaurants in this city, so we can go there at the weekend.

Based on your experience, how is Baguio?

[L] I think Baguio is better than other areas for living in the Philippines. The weather is not too hot and cold since Baguio is in the highland.

[Z] I also like the weather here. Furthermore, at the weekend, we can go to the night market or Camp John Hay to relieve our stress. I like the fresh air in Camp John Hay.

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