TALK – Interview with Banno

  • Name: Banno
  • Age: 19
  • Term: 8/8 weeks
  • Person: Student
  • Target: Higher education

How was the Official Exam last time?    

  • Did you perform with your full potential?


  • How were the facilities there?

Reasonably good

  • Are you satisfied with your score, or will you?


  • Why are you satisfied or disappointed?

I was nervous when during the test.

Why did you choose TALK Academy?

I chose TALK Academy because the academy has TOEIC course, and it is located in Baguio City, When I went to Bacolod, Philippines, I decided that I will never go to Bacolod because it is very hot. But, Baguio is not so hot, so I chose this place.

How do your teachers teach you English?

First of all, I tried to take TOEIC mock test. Next, my teachers taught me how to choose correct answers, and then if I still cannot understand what teachers said, I asked them it until I can understand it. My teachers taught me it until I can understand, so I appreciate my teachers.

What are you most proud of about your learning process?

I was proud of how to memorize vocabulary. This method is very efficient if we want to get high TOEIC score because TOEIC has only listening and reading. So, we don’t need to write the correct spelling. We need to understand the meaning of words when I look at the words.

Could you give a piece of advice to those who will come to TALK? 

TOEIC students in TALK academy have to take TOEIC mock test every weekday, so I think they have to keep a motivation for a long span. If they are very tired of the test, I think they should take a rest sometimes. Vocabulary is very important for them to get the score in TOEIC.