BECI – Adventure to the next level with a purpose

It aims to expose students to our local and traditional culture. This will also serve as the students’ hands-on experience in interacting with the local people.

A lot of people travel but only a few who travel with a purpose. Traveling is not just about taking photos and souvenirs but also giving something back to local communities. As what they say, if you want to understand the world, look at how other people live.

This is not just our usual school trip, perhaps we are looking for a different experience for our foreign students while studying English in the Philippines. An experience that not only makes them connects with nature but it is also a different experience when they get to know people that they don’t normally interact with when visiting a new place. It is not just about traveling but it also has an aspect of engaging with the community.

Last June 11, 2018, APIBECI travelers immerse themselves in a peaceful and quaint mountain experience in a province of Ilocos Sur, a 4-hour drive from Baguio City. Such an extreme adventure because we encountered a landslide and a strong current of water on the way and back to Baguio City. No matter how bad the weather was, the team still looked forward to meeting the students and teachers of Sigay National High School. Despite this situation, our students enjoyed and learned a lot from this community immersion.

 “Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destination”, this travel for a purpose served as a once-in-a-lifetime and inspiring trip to all the members. Since helping the community while studying English is one of our top priority, our team prepared a lot of games, activities, presentations, snacks, and gifts to all the teachers and students of the said school.

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