JIC – Tatsu on his way to Australia and Canada

by Nakano Tatsunari

 JIC: Tatsu, you’re studying IELTS now, why?

Tatsu: Because I want to go to Canada

JIC: Canada, why Canada?

Tatsu: I heard it’s a good country and I want to study there.

JIC: How did you find out about JIC?

Tatsu: JIC… hmmm… my agent introduced me to this school and I heard this Academy is so strong for IELTS.

JIC: What do you think? What do you think of IELTS in JIC?

Tatsu: I think its strict.

JIC: What is your goal score?

Tatsu: 6.0

JIC: So you are going to a university?

Tatsu: Yes.

JIC: Anyways, who is your favorite teacher now?

Tatsu: My favorite teacher is Teacher Tasha.

JIC: Why Teacher Tasha?

Tatsu: Because she is so helpful and so kind and she is a good speaking teacher.

JIC: Anyways, I have a question Mr. Tatsu, you took the mock test with IDP, right? What do you think about that?

Tatsu: It’s difficult.

JIC: Why do you think it’s difficult?

Tatsu: Because especially writing, the test was about the diagram, about that time I didn’t learn about the diagram yet so I couldn’t write anything.

JIC: Anyways, what’s your future plan. What’s your plan after JIC?

Tatsu: After I finish this school, I’ll go back to Japan first and then I’ll work first so that I’ll have money and maybe I’ll go to Australia for working holiday and after finishing it I’ll go to Canada.

JIC: Would you recommend JIC in the future?

Tatsu: Yes of course.

JIC: Why?

Tatsu: Because they have so many good teachers.