KES – Leo’s satisfaction with his chosen school

As of January 26 to April of 2018, a Korean student called Leo had studied at our Keunmoon school (KES) for taking the IELTS course.


Before he comes, KES had no student due to do with the camp and I was a new student manager so that I had cold feet whether or not we’ll have good terms with each other.


However, he is a nice student has taken 9 scores in IELTS and he was able to study English for 24 hours with the teacher since the teacher stayed in KES for 24 hours.


When I asked him why he chose KES. He said, “I asked a friend, Peter, who used to be a KES student that I’m looking for the academy which is good.” And Peter introduced KES of our school to him that’s why he chose it and came since he got interested.


Plus, Peter said, “KES has more reasonable price than other schools in Baguio and also teachers are very friendly so that teacher would introduce ones of a teacher to you that’s why it’s very suitable for you to study since you have a lot of chance.”


As I mentioned earlier I was worried about his situation, however, he enjoyed a lot for himself and a teacher. It means that he didn’t care about that situation if anything he was really satisfied with it because he could go shopping traveling, and so on with a teacher.


Finally, he had a great deal of satisfaction with KES and went back home in order to be ready to go to Australia.