PINES – Bill’s Choice

Studying English at Pines Academy leaves a special mark on each student’s heart. They are always eager to share their stories about how they fared in the academy. Know how Bill spent his 2-month stay in Pines.

Hello! My name is Bill. I am from Taiwan and I came here last April 14. I chose Pines because my colleague recommended it to me. He came here last year and he said that it is worth it to study English in this academy due to the quality of English education provided by the teachers and the accommodation experience during his study period.

How did you improve your English skills in Pines?

English skills improvement depends on people. It depends on what they need. In my case, I want to improve my speaking and listening skills. Coming here is good for me because now, my communication skill is better than before. I can express my ideas in English with ease and confidence. I can confidently speak to foreigners. I need this skill for future business meetings and traveling. During my self-study time, I do my homework. In addition, I memorize a lot of new words and practice reading English words to improve my accent. My teachers are serious but also funny. I can talk to them like they are my friends after classes.

How do you find the new campus?

I think the building is beautiful. I like this place.  Everything is new and I love my room because the design is lovely.  I can study in my bedroom because I have my efficient and modern personal study space. There is a shelf where I can put my things. I also have my own electronic outlet. I like running so it’s a good thing that they have a gym here which is exclusively free for Pines’ students. The laundry service is very convenient for students because we need to study, and we don’t have enough time to wash our clothes.

What do you do during your free time?

On weekends, I spend time going around Baguio City. SM Mall is my favorite spot in the city. The place is convenient as we can just go there and check some new shopping choices like clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. I prefer Baguio over other cities in the Philippines because of its cool weather.

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What can you tell the other students who are planning to study English?

You can come to Pines to study English. Pines is the top academy because it has well-trained teachers. Pines teachers are very competitive and full of English knowledge; they could confidently answer my questions in class. They also make it easy for students to understand the lesson. I get proper coaching from teachers as if I said a wrong word or pronounce it incorrectly; they check and give me notes about this in the last part of the class. If you plan to come to the Philippines to study, then you need to speak using the English language. English Only Policy is necessary and this is the most efficient English training I got from Pines Academy. Overall, I have achieved the result that I want while learning in Pines Academy.