JIC – The American Dream

JIC: So you are student Manager, right? How long have you been a student manager?

Julia: I remember I started February 2, so more than 4 months already.

JIC: How was your experience?

Julia: Actually, I think it’s interesting because I have the chance to work with a lot of people from different countries, like Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese also so I think it’s interesting.

JIC: is it difficult?

Julia: Yes.

JIC: Why?

Julia: Because you have to adjust into different cultures from other countries for Japanese, you have to have the different approach from Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese.

JIC: So how did you cope up with this?

JULIA: Because I really care about students so I think it’s an advantage to my work because if I care about them I can understand them and help them and support them also.

JIC: Is it difficult?

JULIA: Yeah I think, for the manager believes that you just don’t support students, you have to work all day also. Actually, managers don’t have a holiday. We don’t have a holiday. We have to work for the weekend.

JIC: Is this okay with you?

JULIA: sometimes it makes me stressed but I think it’s okay and also I like the most in here are the people, I love my colleagues, we always support each other to do our work to make everything easier.

JIC: Anyways, why do you study English by the way?

JULIA: Actually, I want to go abroad, I want to explore and learn something from each country.

JIC: Which country?

JULIA: I want to go to America, my American dream; because I have this old teacher of mine, and now he lives in America and I really want to go to America to visit him.


Hoang Thi Cam Nhung

JIC: Do you have a specific State?

JULIA: Yes, Salt Lake, Utah.

JIC: oh, that’s where your friend lives?


JIC: When do you plan to go there?

JULIA: Maybe I think I have to prepare first so it will take a long time, it will take 3 years… ah no 2 years, maybe.

JIC: Is that why you’re studying IELTS?


JIC: How’s IELTS so far?

JULIA: I think I love my teacher since she is very nice.

JIC: Who?

JULIA: Teacher Cristina, she is very nice and always pushes me to study even sometimes I have to be absent from class because I have to do something for work.

JIC: She’s your writing teacher, right? Tell me about your writing teacher?

JULIA: She’s very nice, very friendly, humorous but sometimes she is very strict.

JIC: Is it good or bad?

JULIA: hmm for me it’s good, it’s really good because I need someone to push me to study because sometimes I forgot to study.