PINES – Diligent Students Recognized at Night Owl’s Party

Article by Ela Naparan | Photos by E.N. & Alain Panergo

Another intense and fun term of studying English has ended, but it ended with a night of celebration and recognition of talents from Pines Academy’s diverse students. Pines has proven itself as the best academy when it comes to offering English speaking courses. On the other hand, during the evening study period Pines offers various English option classes that help students learn according to their interest. Pines Academy believes that with passion comes learning, and with that kind of passion; creative English speaking classes were made. At the end of a learning term, a program is dedicated to showcasing the different groups from the evening option classes – the program is called Night Owl’s Night.

The hall was also filled with music from the guitar classes and was able to deliver pop music which the crowd enjoyed. A singing performance from two Mongolian junior students wowed the crowd as they rendered a song by Ed Sheeran. Spoken word poetry about love was also performed by another Mongolian Junior student that made the crowd fell in love during his speech.

The program was filled with a spectacular showcase of traditional dances, singing, guitar performances, and dancing. The students were elated to see their friends who were part of the presentation.

At the end of the program, students were awarded medals for their diligence, participation in the different classroom activities and also for their effort to study and be better English speakers. With this kind of English intermediate courses, Pines Academy students soar higher as they develop full confidence in sharing their talents and passion while studying English and the culminating activity known as “Night Owl’s Night” turned out to be a success.

NIGHT OWLS 07-06-18 (25)