TALK – No regrets quitting my job to study English

Two months for me is not short, but it’s not long enough to study English. Before, when I stayed in Vietnam, I never use English in my workplace or in my daily conversation. Of course, I can’t speak English, listen to English, and never thought about going to the Philippines to study English. Suddenly, I changed my mind, I want to challenge myself. So I decided to go to the Philippines to study English.

Actually, in Vietnam, I have a good job with a good salary. When I quit my job, many people said that I will regret quitting my job and they also said that I’m crazy. But I don’t care about that, because I think my every choice isn’t influenced by them, so I still chose to change. And now, I don’t regret anything.

The days that I stayed at the Academy, I had many errors when I speak, read, and write. But after two months of studying, I can communicate using the English language, even though it’s not perfect. At least, I improved. I think, compared to my English skill before, I’m better now.

I chose TALK Academy to study English because I realized that TALK is suitable for my budget and I also like the weather in Baguio. Two months of living and studying in TALK is just like a story with interesting experiences. I met many new friends who made me happy. I had so much fun but sometimes I was hurt too. But after all, I really felt happy and I have many memorable memories here.

In here, I also found close friends that are foreigners, they are Koreans. I realized that they are really kind to me, friendly, and loving. I also met teachers who teach and help me to have more knowledge about English. They are younger than me, but I always respect and love them.

When I stayed at TALK, although sometimes I wasn’t satisfied with food, the weather, teachers, and managers compensated for it, so I can accept and forget the things that are not so good. Some people complained about the food, room, classroom, and teachers. I think they are not wrong because we spend a lot of money to study English, so if we don’t feel good, we can always tell about our feelings to the managers of TALK. For me, I don’t want to be bothered too much about something like that, I just want to focus on studying, listening, and reviewing more and more.

If I want to come back to the Philippines to study English, I will still choose TALK Academy, because the reasons are all stated here.

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