WALES – Best Beach Resort Near Baguio

Baguio is located at high-mountain, the altitude of 1500m. So many students think they can’t ever enjoy beach activity.

But what if I tell you that you can? If you would be happy with that, this article is for you.

Hundred Islands is one of the best beach resort you should visit when you come to Baguio.

You can enjoy several beach activities at Hundred Islands such as island hopping (there are more than 100 islands there !), snorkeling (the sea is so clean !) and zip line (it is 546 meter, so long)!




I also recommend you to drop off public market in Alaminos and buy seafood such as shrimp, shell, and milkfish(Bangus) then ask the captain to cook these for lunch. It is so delicious especially if you eat it on an island.

Hundreds island is located in Alaminos and It takes around 4 hours by van from Baguio.

We also have a school tour so you can have a chance to join.