JIC – Life Away from Japan

JIC: How long have you been here?

HITOMI: 3 months.

How did you find JIC?

My friend, Mariko

What did Mariko say about JIC?

She stayed here for 3 months, we have the same. She said teachers here are very good, kind and especially dormitory is very good. And now I already tried it by myself.

What do you think about JIC?



When I was in Japan, I expected this life abroad would be terrible because maybe I can’t eat the food. Of course, I’m worried about toilet because Japan’s toilet is the best, the shower, the water, but it was different – for the water temperature, it’s not cold. The food I can eat. The dormitory is comfortable.

Was it difficult studying?

Here? No. Not Difficult.

What was difficult?

To make a good relationship with friends.


I’m not good at making new friends, but for my appearance, I look friendly, kind, happy and cheerful but inside I’m a little bit different.

But you make a lot of friends here?

Yes, but not close friends just only friend and to live with another person, it’s really difficult.

But how was the experience?

It’s is very good because sometimes I don’t feel lonely but sometimes I want to be alone but I can’t hahaha but when I feel like that I go upstairs and go to my study room and just sit for a long time.