JIC – Teaching is a Challenge

JIC: Hi, what’s your name?

MJ: My name is MJ.

Does it stand for something?

Hmm, they shortened my name. My name is Marjorie but the head teacher told me that it’s better if I’m going to use MJ because it’s shorter and easier to understand and easier to memorize for the students.

Yes, precisely for the students you know Marjorie might be a mouthful for them but simply. Anyways how long have you’ve been teaching in JIC?

It’s almost two years

How did you find JIC? Like how did you get across to teaching in JIC?

One of my friends in this certain Academy and one of my co-teachers told me that I should come here to JIC. I think JIC is better than the previous Academy, so I went here and the first thing is that I went to PS, however, the office I went to was wrong, and one teacher told me that it’s the different office I went into.

Okay. How was it for the past few years?

For these past few years I think it’s quite a healthy school because the teachers are accommodating and the students are also kind and as a teacher, of course, we need to be more friendly to the students build our rapport in able for us to be more… you know the feeling like first time talking with students it’s just like be you need rapport.

Absolutely well we basically build that certain bond between you and the student for you to be more comfortable I guess. Anyways, what specialty subjects do you teach?

I usually teach speaking reading and listening.

Is it difficult? Oh, I guess it’s pretty easy for you.

Sometimes easy but sometimes it’s difficult. It’s kind of challenging. For example the major that they took in the university is different from yours it’s kind of very different like one of my students before his major is about Security and then in my case my major is Broadcasting so it’s kind of different like “teacher I want to learn about social problems” Yes I know social problems but I want to be more specific like more on governments.

How do you or how do you resolve these problems?

Well, I keep on researching about the things that might be helpful for him because he’s preparing for his interview.

Teacher MJ