BECI – Why Lady Campus Is Worth It

  • Name: Sayo Kawasoe
  • Course: Sparta
  • Level: Basic 2
  • Term: 4 week

Q: Why did you decide to study English abroad?

I think that I can study English in Japan, however, learning about various cultures and conversing with different nationalities are not possible in Japan.


Q: Why did you choose BECI among many other language schools?  

I have 2 reasons. First of all, there is BECI in Baguio. I am not good at staying room where air conditioning is too strong, but I can stay without it in Baguio. And also, It takes 6 hours from Manila to Baguio. That’s why I expected that there are many students who have a strong determination to study. As a second reason, BECI THE CAFÉ is for women only. I went to a junior high and senior high which is for women only. Moreover, I went to a university where the gender ratio is 9:1 (men: women), so I’ve missed it.

Q: What do you think are the BECI’s strengths?

I think that there are few students in lady campus. It’s quite easy to make friends because we have a lot of opportunities to face each other except for classes. And also it’s for women only so we can spend the time freely without caring about men.

On the other hand, I’m able to think this advantage to disadvantage also. In particular, it’s difficult for teachers to separate the levels strictly because of a few students. As a result, some people will be dissatisfied. However, what you learn from a lesson is up to you. Depending on your attitude towards classes I think that this weakness can also be solved.

Picture1Q: What kind of skills do you think you have improved most in BECI? 

It’s speaking. Despite having knowledge of basic English grammar, I was unable to speak English. When I started studying in BECI, at first, I had a process for conversation like 【Someone talk to me in English → I’ll translate in Japanese in my mind→ I’ll think about response in Japanese→ I’ll translate in English and speak】In contrast, I was able to speak without this process finally. The most improved skill is speaking, but I had improved reading, writing and listening also. However, I started studying at the basic level, that’s why I feel that I had improved a lot. I think that the time required to understand the contents of the readings has reached one third. And the skill of speed of writing also Improved markedly, so sometimes I was able to write something while chatting with my teacher. Even more, I noticed that the gap between what I want to write and what I can write is getting smaller. For listening, I could understand 20 percent of what the teacher said at first, but now I can understand 80 percent.

Q: Please give advice to future students studying abroad. Picture3

We are given at the same time. I think that what you learn from them depends on your attitude to your study abroad. If you really have the determination to learn and grow up, I think that the life studying abroad is going to be good for you. I didn’t say that learning and growing up are not for English only. There are many things to learn more than English. Please feel it with your skin and think with your head. I think that it is important to put in mind and how we can improve it, and please try it all!

And I strongly recommend Sparta course in BECI lady campus. However, teachers will teach you grammar in English so at least you need basic knowledge like junior high level.  If you don’t have it, it’s difficult to understand the contents in a class. In addition, I think that it’s impossible that you can study abroad as you imagined before. Please don’t be dissatisfied with such gaps, but I think that it is good to have a feeling of enjoying them. Please enjoy everything! I hope that your study abroad will be good.