TALK – Laidback Life in Baguio

by Lily

I was fortunate enough to meet a great teacher. I chose the IELTS course, listening, speaking, reading and writing improved. The teachers are very patient, especially when the words are explained, the teacher will use other words to describe to you. Sometimes a word can get three or four similar words. As long as you carefully record and take notes, you can quickly improve. The amount of words, even if the amount of single-word books given by the school is not enough, but talking with the teacher can improve the number of words.

The school has three meals, and there are shops nearby that can buy things even if they don’t eat enough. The reason why you can’t eat enough is for me all spicy. The kitchen aunt is very good you will definitely see when you cook your meal every day. They will express their enthusiasm with a hot eye. The school has a laundry service, which is really necessary. The time spent reading every day is very tight. Most of the time is in class and exams. If you want to get rid of the washing machine, you really don’t need to study. It should be noted that the laundry room is a laundry and drying clothes, and some clothes that are not suitable for drying clothes or casual washing will not be taken.

Baguio has a low price and a simple folk style. It is a very suitable place to study. It’s just that the rainy season Baguio is wet. It is best to bring your own simple dehumidifier before you leave. It is best not to bring anything that is easy to mold.

There are some nice cafes and restaurants that are worth recommending. Most of the restaurants are located close to SM Mall and can be easily reached by taxi. Il Padrino’s muffins are highly recommended, delicious and inexpensive, and the coffee is good, perfect for friends gathering or having breakfast. Baguio’s very first Starbucks Coffee is located in the woods. It must be taken by taxi. The environment is good. There are also many tourists there. It is a sight that Baguio must visit. The strawberry cake at Vizco’s Restaurant is famous and must be tried.