Mr. & Ms. API-BECI 2018

“It’s not just in winning that one attains fulfillment in joining a pageant; it’s the thought of doing one’s best to get there that makes one a winner while getting along with every bit of it.”

Sparta students Jay1 and TOEIC student Ashley seized the title for this school year Search for Mr. & Ms. API-BECI 2018 on August 23, 2018.

Jay bagged 2 minor awards particularly Mr. Photogenic and Mr. Elegance together with Ashley, best in Sports Wear, the darling of the crowd, Miss Social Media,  Ms. Production and best in Talent.

Following the rank are IELTS pride Jerome and SEMI SPARTA’ muse Mor who clichéd the first Runner-up titles. Roy, representing Sparta together with Ivy of SEMI-SPARTA landed second Runner-up leaving the third Runner-up titles to Lai form the IELTS team and Jay2 from the SEMI SPARTA.

We are proud to all of you guys. The fruit of your helping hands working together and setting aside the selfishness had paid off more than we thought. Sweat, determination and hard work were the keys everyone used to prepare for the competition. This results due to all the teachers, staff and students helping hands together to make this event successful and memorable.


Congratulations to our newly hailed pair of Mr. & Ms. API-BECI 2018.

Mr. & Ms. API-BECI 2018 Official Results from our 5 Judges


Mister API-BECI 2018

Mister Elegance

Mister Photogenic


First Runner-up

Best in Creative attire

Best in Sports Wear

Best in Evening Wear

Mister Wit

King of the Ramp


Second Runner-up


Third Runner-up

Mister Production


Best in Talent

Darling of the Crowd

Mister Social Media


Miss API-BECI 2018

Best in Talent

Best in Sports Wear

Miss Production

Darling of the Crowd

Miss Social Media


First Runner-up

Best in Creative Attire

Queen of the Ramp

Miss Elegance


Second Runner-up


Third Runner-up

Best in Evening Wear

Miss Wit


Miss Photogenic