CNS Ⅱ – The first step toward a smooth working holiday

by Sylvia (China / 23 / 10 weeks)

[About CNS Ⅱ]

Please, introduce yourself.

My English name is Sylvia, I came from China and I am 23 years old. I have been here almost 8 weeks.

Why did you start to study IELTS?

The reason why I start to study IELTS is because I want to go Australia to experience working holiday.

How did you know CNS Ⅱ for the first time, and why did you choose this academy?

From the Internet. I like the weather of Baguio and our academy is only the Academy which focus on IELTS. That was why I came here. I also want to take a real IELTS.

What is your plan after finishing study in CNS Ⅱ?

Taking a real IELTS, and if my score is enough, I will apply to go to Australia. If not, I would like to study more.

[About the IELTS course]

While studying at CNS Ⅱ for last 8 weeks, how did you feel?

I think my English skill is improved. When I studied here first, I couldn’t understand what teachers taught me, however now, I can understand their teaching better than before.

Which class is the most effective to study?

Writing. It makes me practice not only my grammar but also my vocabulary. It is very helpful for me. I acquired a lot of knowledge from writing class.

[About teachers]

Who is your best teacher? And why do you think so?

Teacher Clifford is. He is my writing teacher. He is very patient for me, besides that, I could learn more knowledge from him.

[Tips for new students]

What is your tip for new students?

As for me, if someone comes to Baguio at the first time, remember to take several coats, due to the fact that the weather is not always hot. Sometimes Baguio is very cold, although the Philippines is a tropical country. Aside from that, prepare some good notebooks from your country. The quality of the notebooks in the Philippines are not that much good.