TALK – The good news I want to share

A pleasant morning to everyone. Thank you for being here to witness our graduation day.

I have stayed here for almost three months. Now, I am standing in front of you delivering my speech. I would like to talk about my life in this academy, my future plans and some messages for my teachers and friends.

First, I came here last September. Then I started to learn TOEIC in this academy. At that time, my score was very low and I had few friends. Studying TOEIC is quite challenging. Every day, we need to take an exam for two hours without excuse and memorize about 40 vocabularies. We have homework from teachers, too. In addition, of course we cannot go out during weekdays except Friday. Sometimes it is very stressful and frustrating. However, at the same time, this academy offers us a good environment for learning, well-prepared lessons from teachers, desk to study and a place to refresh ourselves. All things needed to improve our English skills.

After few months of struggling, I have dramatically improved my score and had gained a lot of friends from different countries. These is one of my accomplishments that I won’t forget. I believe that I made the right choice to study in this academy.

Second, I’ll speak about my next plan. Last month, I took the official TOEIC exam, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach my goal score. I’m not satisfied with the score at all but fortunately, I still have one more chance next week, December 3rd. So, I really want to get my target score. And then, two weeks later, I wish I could deliver you good news from Angeles.

My dream is to work as an English teacher. If I could be a teacher, I want to tell my students about my experience in the Philippines.

Finally, I want to leave you this message, studying abroad is very fun. There are many people to meet and a lot of attractions to visit. But our main purpose is to study English which is something we can hardly get from our own country. So, I’m sure that it is essential to follow the rules and regulations set by the academy. I think too much is bad as too little. Balance is very important in both work and play. Hope we always have healthy competition and maintain a good relationship with each other as we pursue our goal of enhancing ourselves.

My appreciation goes to my teachers, my friends, office staff, ates in laundry and kitchen area, kuya guard and dacanay staff who in one way or another helped me live my life comfortably. To my family, for supporting my decision to spend my three months in Baguio, and another three months in Angeles, I’ll be forever  grateful to you for letting me have this unforgettable experience.


Yoichi Takunaga “YOICHI”

I will miss this academy, the comfortable weather in Baguio. I’ll miss the beautiful scenery from the window of my room in the morning, at night, shining stars seen from the rooftop. I’ll miss you, all of my friends, and teachers. But it’s the time to say goodbye. I’ll never forget Baguio, the time we spent together, and of course you guys. I really don’t want to say goodbye but it’s inevitable. You know I said good morning at the beginning of this speech, but in case I don’t see you, “good afternoon”, “good evening”, and “good night”. See you again somewhere and someday.