BECI – Perks Of Having Foreign Friends

The first few days in a foreign country can be a social challenge. You meet various people inside and outside school with different personalities, nationalities, preferences. Admit it! The degree of diversity is quite high. Having a group or a few select friends there can make the entire experience more worthwhile. Making great friends in school can seem impossible until you meet a stranger whom you can relate to.

Biggie, an APIBECI student said “I was very happy meeting new friends here in school. I learn a lot from them! ”. He considers everyone as his friend because he felt accepted and the interaction made him more confident speaking English with various nationalities.

According to Ayano, a student in Lady Campus, she values the friends she made while she was studying. It made her more confident and comfortable during her stay. “I will always keep in touch with my friends in BECI. I had Korean, Japanese, Filipino and Vietnamese friends… Because of them, I made a lot of improvement in my English speaking skills.”. “I am also grateful because I was able to meet my best friend, Yana. We go out and enjoy different activities in and out of Baguio together”.

Simply, regardless of where you are, you will always find someone to be able to share your time and your sentiments with. As Stanford and Roach says, “Human interacting is the single most important ingredient in education. Schooling practices should be devised to enhance rather than to suppress interactions”. APIBECI is a common ground for English learners not just to study but also in building friendship.

The presence of friends makes our life worthwhile but there is nothing more memorable and valuable than to be able to turn a total stranger into a friend.