JIC – Jay, the Taiwanese Architect

JIC: How long did you stayed here in JIC?

JAY: I stayed here for 2 months

JIC: How did you found JIC?

JAY: My agency recommended and because I said I want to study IELTS for my master’s school.

JIC: Master’s, where will you take master’s?

JAY: My Major is Architecture and I’m an Architect in Taiwan so in the future I hope I can have my own office so I think higher degree is helpful for me.

JIC: Absolutely. Where will you study for your Master’s?

JAY: Maybe in Australia, in Melbourne University to study. Also before I came here, I also want to go to UK or some country in Europe. But nowadays, Australian government supports foreign student in studying then after they graduate they will help you to find job there for 2 years and will you working visa, yeah so I think that’s a very good experience for me.

JIC: It’s called the graduation visa. For Master’s degree you study for 2 years and you’ll have the opportunity for another 2 years to work in Australia.

JAY: And maybe because I have License in Taiwan as an Architect, maybe in the future if I have opportunity I hope I can get Australian license of being an Architect, so JIC the first step.

JIC: Did you like JIC?

JAY: Nowadays, I don’t want to go back. Hahaha that’s true.

JIC: Hahaha why?

JAY: I made a lot of friends here that came from various countries – Korean, Japanese, Chinese.

JIC: Was it difficult to talk to them at first?

JAY: At first, yes because when we were new students here we can’t just use English and our level was not high before, yeah so before it’s hard to have conversation. But after 1 month, everyone improved so nowadays I think everything is comfortable.

JIC: Now it’s easier to talk. How about your teachers?

JAY: Fortunately, some teachers I didn’t change because very appropriate for me so I really like them and also there are a lot of things I learned from them, I’m grateful.


Tseng Yu Chieh