JIC – Bruce, the Future Multimedia Artist

JIC: Why did you choose IELTS?

BRUCE: Before I had a plan applying for Master’s Degree in Australia so I need IELTS with score of 6.5.

JIC: Master’s Degree… what do you plan to take?

BRUCE: I want to apply for Multimedia.

JIC: Why do you like this nature?

BRUCE: Because it is similar to my university degree major. Before I studied Stage Lighting Design. We do the stage preparations when there are performances that a bit similar to Multimedia, but nowadays, I stick to my original plan which is to take up my Master’s Degree in Taiwan.

JIC: So why are taking IELTS then?

BRUCE: Because no matter where I’m living or study I still need English; I still need to improve my English because I want to have a business around the world. So IELTS is one of the way to improve my English very quick and have good system to learn English.


Tang Yi Fei aka “Bruce”

JIC: Will you be taking the test?

BRUCE: Yes, I will take the test on September 15.

JIC: Why did you choose JIC?

BRUCE: Before I came here I asked my agent which school is the best and then she gave me some choices and when I finished reading the information about different academy, JIC has the most 1:1 class in here and other academies have 4 while JIC has 6 classes, I think 1:1 is the most effective for me so I chose JIC.

JIC: What do you think about your teachers?

BRUCE: Most of my teachers are very good. They have very clear thoughts, they teach students how to improve their English skills, how to finish the exam, how to get a high score. They taught me some ways and strategies that are very clear and useful.

JIC: What do you like about JIC?

BRUCE: I think the environment is good. I like the background. But the weather is better the 1st time I came here. After class we can enjoy the sunset and the view is beautiful.

JIC: But now it’s rainy season hahaha

BRUCE: Yes, but it’s not JIC’s fault I understand.