BECI – Celebrating Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ day is celebrated annually worldwide and brings together teachers and experts in the field of teaching. API-BECI celebrates this year’s teacher’s month last October 5, 2018, at the school ground. To highlight the contribution of our teachers, our school prepares lunch, prizes, and activities for them to enjoy together.

After eating lunch, our teachers and staff enjoy playing games like Volleyball while waiting for the distribution of their gift and prizes from the school. The school wants to say thank you to all our teachers sacrificing their time and efforts to teach our foreign students. Our teachers are the pillars of our institution, and they deserve a day of rest and fun and it is another way of showing appreciation for all their hard work and efforts.

As teachers, we have the ability to rebuild the world for our students. By our sincere efforts, we can make their world more rewarding, more gratifying and perhaps…even more significant. Happy Teacher’s day to each and every one!