CNS II – Where there is a will, there is a way.

by Tim (Vietnam/26/24 weeks)

[About CNSⅡ]

Please, introduce yourself.

My name is Tim. I’m a personal trainer at a gym center in Vietnam. I have studied in CNSⅡ for 5 months.

How did you know CNSⅡ for the first time, and why did you choose this academy?

Actually, my agency recommended some academies for me to study IELTS. But I chose CNSⅡ because they said CNS2 has a good environment to focus on studying and CNSⅡ also specializes in IELTS

How about the learning environment in CNSⅡ?

I think the environment is very good. The students here are very diligent. Most of the time, they just concentrate on studying IELTS and they are rarely distracted by other things. Some students almost spend their time in the library; even until midnight, I still see them studying. Thus, it motivates me a lot.

[About the IELTS course]

While studying at CNSⅡ for last 5 months, how did you feel?

I think my English skills become better and I could broaden my horizon in English. Not only that, I have made friends with many students from other countries. It was an interesting experience for me. I’m quite satisfied for the last 5 months since I have learned a lot of new things and felt comfortable during that time.

Which class is the most effective to study?

In my case, the speaking class is very useful because I can improve not only my speaking skills but also my pronunciation. Most of the Vietnamese students have many mistakes in pronunciation, so it is very important to realize and improve it. Teachers are familiar with those common mistakes of Vietnamese so they easily point out and correct those for us.

[About teachers]

Who is your best teacher? And why do you think so?

Teacher Clifford who is my writing teacher. I think he has a great teaching skill and I really like his method. He is very enthusiastic when teaching. He knows the best way to explain the problems that I do not understand, especially in grammar. He also memorizes my mistakes and concentrates on it in the next times. That is why I can remember my errors rapidly and do not repeat them.

[Secrets to improve an IELTS score]

What was your weakest subject and how did you improve this one?

I suppose that it was pronunciation. I was aware of this problem so I tried to practice it as much as possible. I also requested my teacher to point out and correct my mistakes immediately. Thanks to this, I think I have improved a lot.

[Tips for new students]

What is your tip for new students?

Be diligent. Students should learn as much as possible, not only in the class time but also self-study time. If you study hard enough, you will realize that you made a huge progress.