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A Sparta Activity

With the increasing pace of studying, students have become a part of a never-ending rat race. Due to their insatiable hunger for learning success through continuous interaction, our Sparta teachers prepare activities during Fridays of each week to provide an opportunity to take that much-needed break from routine.

The students participate in some physical activities, play sports with the emphasis of using English as the medium of instruction. These activities pave the way to good health while increasing the interaction among students in a practical manner. Breaking the routine of classroom studying through these activities motivates you, boosts your confidence, increases self-awareness and gives you a chance to display your skill.

Team games and activities allow you to exhibit your skills such as leadership and teamwork and also enhance them. Group activities give students a platform to socialize which is helpful in real life too. They allow you to interact with and adjust to different types of people, thus increasing your adaptability. Such activities help enhance your interpersonal skills.