TALK – Never Forget Your Dreams

Thank you.

I am honored to be with you today. I studied here for only a month. I think it is too short, but it means that this month was so precious and happy for me. Before starting, I want to thank some people.

I spent a lot of time here with Laurence. Laurence, you will be a great actor. Elena, you always kid me but I know that you have a warm heart. Lilly who always accept my kidding, you have a good personality. Jun and Zoey, enjoy this time. Rainee, you can pass the TOEIC exam and get a great job. T. Glaiza, Thank you for leading me who does not want to study every day. T. Faye, T. Rou, T. Joseph, T. Lyn, T. Emz, Luby, Haward, Grason, Yun, Cathy, Angel, Hiromu, Anthony, Peter, Moi. all of my friends and teachers, Thank you so much.

Today, I want to tell you only one thing I’ve been feeling here. It is that many dreams are here. A lot of people came here to study English. When I met them, I asked them “ What did you do before you came here? ” “ What is your plan for the future? ” They answered, “ I was working but I quit my job. ” “ I’m a college student, I’m taking a rest from the university. ” “ I came for a test score. ” “ I want to learn English to make my trip more enjoyable. ” For whatever reason, everyone who came here had a dream. They all have a big commitment and made talk academy a turning point in their lives.

Actually, I started to work last year and I was slowly forgetting my dream, but thanks to you, I’m starting to think about myself again! I want everyone to keep up with your dreams even if it’s going to be a tough time. I may not be able to attain my dream. I know that and that’s just fine with me. Because that keeps me with something or someone to keep on chasing. So to any of us, whatever those things are and whatever it is we look up to, whatever it is we look forward to and whoever it is we’re chasing.

To that, I say “Alright.”

To that, I say “ Just keep living.”