CNS Ⅱ – The Place I Want to Go and Study Again

by Ryan (Korea/23/19 weeks)

[About CNSⅡ]

Please, introduce yourself.

I am Gyeong Hwan Gu, and my English name is Ryan. I am 23 years old and my hometown is Gwangju metropolitan city which is located in the southern part of Korea. Previously, I used to work in Gwangju immigration office as a duty officer due to the conscription of Korea for two years. I had the chance to meet various foreigners in the immigration at that time. For that opportunity, I was able to be easier to adjust the English speaking atmosphere. Also, I decided to try to attend university overseas.

Why did you start to study IELTS?

When I try to attend university in the English-speaking countries, I have to get an IELTS for the entry requirement. I heard from my friend that it is easier to get an IELTS test score than other exams, so I decided to study IELTS.

How about the learning environment in CNSⅡ?

Many students in this academy are diligent and do the study with gusto, so I was easy to assimilate to a study environment.

What is your plan after finishing the study in CNSⅡ?

When I get the goal score in IELTS exam here, I will try to enter the University of Minnesota in the United States.

[About the IELTS course]

While studying at CNSⅡ for last 3 weeks, how did you feel?

Honestly, when I arrived here, it was hard for me to adjust and communicate with foreign students. Because in my case, I never have been overseas to study before, except for purpose of traveling. But for now, that experience made me improve my English conversation.

Which class is the most effective to study?

As far as I am concerned, speaking is the most effective class. The reason why I think so is that there are a plenty of chances to speak English due to a lot of international students here.

[About teachers]

How about the quality of CNSⅡ teachers?

No doubt I can speak it, all the teachers in this academy are good at teaching English. In my case, I didn’t have a base of English before. Nowadays, I think I can speak English well thanks to my teachers.

[Secrets to improve an IELTS score]

What was your weakest subject and how did you improve this one?

As I mentioned before, I have never been overseas before, so I was not good at speaking English. I was worried about my speaking. I just tried to hang out with foreign students for improving English conversation. I think it makes me improve English speaking skill

[Tips for new students]

Based on your experience, how about Baguio?

There are a lot of beautiful spots in Baguio, so when I feel stressed while studying, I used to go outside with my friends on weekends. I think it is a good way to relieve my stress. If I go back to my hometown, I think I will miss the memories in Baguio.