JIC – Someday, in Europe

JIC: How did you find JIC?


JIC: Why did you choose JIC?

MONICA: Before I don’t know any Language Schools, I got to watch a news, then I find an agent to introduce me to some schools and let me choose. If I go to another city around Manila, I think I can’t study but play but here (in Baguio) I have I need to study, no choice to play. I choose JIC because JIC is a real test center, JIC is good.

JIC: Do you like the teachers?

MONICA: Yes! The teacher is very good.

JIC: Who is your favorite teacher?

MONICA: Favorite? My mom.

JIC: oh your foster parent?!

MONICA: Yes, Teacher Cristina.

JIC: Oh Fabulous. Cristina has been here for a long time, she’s like a mother to everybody.


Zhang Jia Tong

JIC: Do you have any plans to go somewhere after?

MONICA: Maybe Europe.

JIC: Where in Europe?

MONICA: France.

JIC: How long will you stay here in JIC?

MONICA: 3 months, but I only I have 1 month remaining to stay here, 1 month in IB 2 months in IELTS.