JIC – A Way to Working Holiday in Canada

JIC: How did you come to JIC? How did you find out about JIC?

LILY: 3 months ago, I went to the hospital for my eyes operation and I met an Agent of JIC her name is Emin.

JIC: Oh okay, previous student manager, I know her.

LILY: I asked her about what is she doing, and then she shared about her experience in JIC and at that, I really want to improve my English skills so I asked more details of the information and I told her I want to go here (JIC) to improve my English.

JIC: Where do you plan to go afterwards?

LILY: Probably I will go back to Vietnam and maybe I’ll get the official test in Vietnam.

JIC: You mean the IELTS test, not here? Why not here?

LILY: Actually, I didn’t plan to take the official test but when I came here, I heard some students want to go to Working Holiday in Canada or Australia and I want to try this so that’s the reason why I want to take test and try to get my goal score and find a way to go to Working Holiday in Canada.

JIC: Why in Canada? Most people go to Australia.

LILY: Because Canada, nowadays, gives foreigners a lot of opportunities to study, work and immigrate. I heard that from my foreigner friends.

JIC: You’ve been here for about a month, right? What do you think of JIC IELTS?

LILY: Actually this is the first time for me to study IELTS so I got shocked, the first time I have to learn a lot of things, the classes are continuous, and then break time, self-study and then vocab test, so during the first week I got sucked but now better and I think the teaching strategy in here has really the IELTS style.

JIC: What do you do during self-study? 

LILY: I will write, I focus on homework, the important ones first like writing because it takes a lot of time, after that reading and listening, I will write the task in the sticky note and I stick it onto my table. After I finish any homework I take it and at the end of the day I check what I finished and not.


Vo Thi Thuy Li