BECI – Finding the Perfect Balance

Education plays a very important role in any person’s pursuit of growth and self-development. Assumed that the numbers of ESL institutions are growing, students are becoming more critical and analytical when involving in the selection of schools. Perceptions of students towards the reputation and image of their ideal institution are made by hearsay, past experience, and activities that promote the institution. For years, APIBECI wants to become an educational hub in the Philippines which can provide both the needs and comfort for the students who chose the school.

Thus, with the support of the management, the number of students is growing rapidly making the institution more eager to deliver quality education while not setting aside the importance of giving the best facilities possible. From a student’s perspective, this notability of balancing both education and student comfort indicates the good side of the school which also means the intense competitive ESL industry and market.

For the past months, due to the increasing number of the students, the school continuously improves and maintains the environment and facilities such as the offices, dormitories, garden, lounge and other parts of the school so that both the staffs and the students are assured of their safety and the student-friendly amenities. APIBECI’s reputation has a tremendous effect in influencing students’ wellbeing as well as their motivation to study. As Michael Morpurgo once said, “It is the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom”. By being able to provide both quality education and an ideal school setting, APIBECI undoubtedly able to serve its purpose as an educational institution.