JIC – Many Firsts in PH

JIC: How long have you been here in JIC so far?

RIO: It’s been 2 months, 1 month in IB and 1 month in PS

JIC: How’s your experience so far in JIC?

RIO: I experience a lot of things – tasting different foods, I tried surfing, riding on a horse; many first in the Philippines, I experienced a lot of new things.

JIC: Anyways, what do you think of your classes?

RIO: Classes, I think teachers are really really good. Actually, it’s one reason I came here.

JIC: You started in IB right, why did you go IB first?

RIO: Because I want to learn basic things first because I think basic is the most important thing when I want to speak English.

Rio (1)


JIC: Why did you transition to PS?

RIO: The reason is I want to concentrate more with my speaking, maybe there is more opportunity speaking in English than IB.

JIC: Do you speak a lot in Power Speaking?

RIO: Yes.

JIC: I saw you’re a challenger, how long have you been a challenger?

RIO: 3 weeks, if I have 1 week more, I can still push for it but I can’t now.

JIC: Is it difficult to be a challenger?

RIO: No, because I think it is a big help to get in the mood in speaking English.

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