JIC – Rain

JIC: Why are you studying English?

RAIN: I want to speak English, that’s my dream so… I want to speak more English, also Korean, I want to study more languages.

JIC: What nationalities are you friends with here now?

RAIN: Korean, Taiwanese, and Arabians

JIC: So you’re having fun with the different nationalities, is it difficult to talk to all of them?

RAIN: I use English so it’s okay.

JIC: Are you having fun making many different friends? And activities you do together aside from studying?

RAIN: Yes – we go dinner together, playing basketball.

Rain (2)

Ueno Rein

JIC: Anyways, Do you like JIC?

RAIN: Yes, because not so many students so we can we have this relationship with teachers and students.

JIC: Where do you plan to go after JIC?

RAIN: Go back to Japan for 1 week and go to Australia in the Gold Coast because my friend is there.

JIC: What’s your plan after 2-5 years? The long-term plan?

RAIN: Maybe I’ll get a license about yoga and I want to teach Yoga, and I can speak good English I want to teach foreigners and Japanese.

Rain (1)

Ueno Rein