JIC – The Best Journey, Ever!

I was very lucky because I’m an only 16-year-old student who had a chance to study in the Philippines. I got used to traveling to others country so the Philippines trip just gave me more experience.

It took me 7 hours from Manila to Baguio, I was very tired from the trip but felt better upon arriving in Baguio because of the cold weather. I stayed here for 4 weeks so it’s quite difficult for me to know all about JIC.

However, it was enough for me to have a good experience and good memories during the time I stayed here. In my opinion, JIC is extremely amazing! JIC has a very nice environment for students like me to level up our English.

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The PS program fits me. It’s not too difficult, It’s not too easy for me. I didn’t study English for a year so have a chance to study in JIC was very useful. Secondly, the teachers in here were absolutely excellent, I will remember all my teachers in JIC, how they helped to make me better in English, and they told me some funny stories that I couldn’t forget. Best teachers ever!

There is one more thing that I won’t forget, all my new friends in JIC. I guess I don’t have enough time to tell all about my new friends in JIC because they have many things that I have to study from them. I knew more culture from many countries in Asia. Although, studying take up most of my time, my friends gave me so much fun. We spent together hanging out and explore many places in Baguio city. My friends and teachers really made my time in here more interesting.

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I have experienced the food in JIC cafeteria, I just want to say “holy molly” because the food in here was very delicious though I have already lost my weight, it’s okay for me.

I have been in JIC for 4 weeks. I will never forget this academy, where I had fun while studying and playing basketball with my friends. It’s really a place where students can not only develop their skills but also socialize.

– Kayn

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