BECI – Self-study, the key to success

  • Name: LEXY
  • Nationality: Vietnamese
  • Course: IELTS
  • Level: Basic 2
  • Duration: 12 weeks

Why do you decide to study in the Philippines?

After I finished high school. I want to get an IELTS certificate to study in Switzerland. The Philippines was the first place in my mind because they use English as a primary language so I will have a good English environment and a better chance to improve my speaking and listening skill. That is the reason why I chose the Philippines to study.

Why do you know BECI, not another English school?

I was researching online and there was an agent who introduced me to BECI. They said, “The English-learning environment in BECI is very good and the teachers are very enthusiastic in teaching and the tuition and living expenses in the Philippines is cheaper than in other countries”. I have studied thoroughly BECI and BECI have met all my demand for studying English. Moreover, the weather in Baguio is comfortable but sometimes a little chilly. That’s why I chose BECI.

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Do you have a good connection with international friends?

In BECI there are a lot of friends from different countries participating in the study. It’s is a chance for me to meet and make friends with all of them. Group study helps me in touch with new friends easily, they are very friendly and enthusiastic to help me learn English. On the weekend, we often hang out to eat and chat together. It makes us become closer. It is a beautiful moment when we study in BECI. I will always remember the time when I study here.

What skill do you feel the most improved when studying at BECI?

Our Speaking and Listening skills have been improved a lot during the time I was studying here. At first, I was afraid to communicate by speaking and listening in English. After studying at BECI, I felt confident to talk to everyone and I can listen to more detail what people want to say.

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Please give advice to students who are planning to study?

I am very satisfied with studying English in BECI. Don’t be shy to ask any questions with your teacher and join all the activities in school. Try your best on all the monthly exam. Please just practice speaking English as the only language while you are studying English at BECI in the Philippines.

With me, it does not matter where we should study, self-study is the key to success and always be positive for any assignment. Do not hesitate or be afraid of any reason because there are many good friends, conscientious instructors, and staff always available whenever we need.

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