BECI – Graduation Ceremony

Stepping upon a simple stage was the best thing any student can experience during his graduation day. Setting foot whilst holding the certificate gives off a sense of accomplishment. Overseeing the supportive friends and teachers that were there to witness every word, every tremble, every emotion, and every heartbeat, was then that they will realize the sentiments were real.

It was essentially the end of the academic time and the start of real life-learning outside the four walls of the classroom. Subtle cries turn into a whiff of hellos and goodbyes. Tears of joy darts down every face of students as they walk across the stage and received their certificates. With fancy inscription, their gift was entitled “Certificate of Completion”.

They had just graduated. They have finished another milestone in their life! “Ok graduates, settle down and step forward as we call your name”. The host conducted everyone as they prepared to get ready for their graduation walk.


Amusement and volume suffocated the lounge as we could sense the stares glaring upon the “products” of APIBECI. With a shambling walk, insensible arms, and a confident stride, students deliberated themselves across the front of with faces painted with smiles, accomplishment, and satisfaction.


Right before a student could make it back to their homeland, they are equipped with the knowledge they learned in APIBECI and brought home a luggage full of memories.