TALK – A Life Full of Passion and Happiness

If God says today is the only day that you can live, what will you do? What would you think when you see an ambulance on the street? What would you feel when you hear their groans? What I’d like to say is that the future is very hopeful and exciting, however, if it’s true that our future is turning into anxiety and fear. Then, what are we living for?

Nevertheless, don’t rush, and don’t panic about the future. We still have today to make things right. [Anyway, how was your life?] Are you enjoying your life?

If there’s something I feel when I leave my friends, Is it that [sometimes] I want to go back to when I first came here. I liked my life here [that much.]

We experience pain, happiness, sadness, but there was most at all love even here that’s why time seems too short. I like my life here very much even If I’m not good at English like you. I am not special compared to others. And though my opinions are different from yours, they’re never wrong.



1. Enjoy your life

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. If you fall, get up.  I know, it’s easier said than done, but I believe we can. Always have a positive mindset and enjoy every second of your life.

2. Don’t think too much

I know it’s good to think, but what when you do something, don’t pay too much attention to it. If you think too much, your worries and stress will overcome you.

3. Understand

Even if we don’t like someone’s character and behavior, we can overcome it through conversation. Most importantly, never laugh at someone else’s mistake.

4. Be a teacher

Respect all teacher. Don’t take education for granted. Be a teacher and share your ideas. enjoy learning and share it with others.

5. Love yourself

Life is about being alone, even if you date or marry someone, you will always end up being alone. So love your self. [If you learn to love yourself, you can truly love others, and know how to treasure it.]

Finally, fill your life and do everything with passion. It will lead to a fruitful life. There are still so many things that I want to talk about, but time is not enough.

Good luck to all. Thank you!


  • Kim Byeongjin / Laurence