JIC – Dreaming Philippines: Baguio JIC IELTS English Training Camp

Beginning of term impression by Aaron

In August of this year, several of our parents with good personal relationships gathered together to share their recent learning. Lamenting time is really fast. These semester children will immediately enter the third year of high school, participate in the national college entrance examination next year. For children, this is the most crucial year of life. Some students chose to study abroad. Most of the students still stayed for the college entrance examination. Fortunately, we met our daughter’s classmate, Lions’ mother, who said that her son had just returned from IELTS JIC in the Philippines to learn IELTS (really thanking her) and also achieved an average score of 7.5 on the IELTS test. She recommended Baguio JIC English Training School to me, and my daughter is also preparing to study for IELTS to study abroad. But I still have doubts in my heart. I have never heard of English in the Philippines. Is it reliable? Also, is the Philippines safe? This is the problem I am most worried about. I came to the Philippines to know how serious my prejudice is. The Philippines is a country where most people have faith. The faith teaches people to be true, good, and beautiful, so you can feel safe and different in the Philippines. When I took the JOY BUS from Manila to Baguio, I was sitting next to a Filipino woman, and with a little boy of about three years old. She greeted me as soon as I got on the bus, and talked about it in English all the way. The situation of tourism made me feel the enthusiasm of Filipinos.


Before coming to Baguio in the Philippines, it was really a twist. We originally decided to enter the school with JIC English School on September 16. It was already in early September and I had to apply for a visa. Due to the Philippine visa, it takes about 15 days under normal circumstances. When I submitted the visa information such as my passport to the Philippine Consulate in Guangzhou, I was told that my passport was valid for a period of six months, and it must be valid for more than eight months. It was a bit unexpected to me because I just returned from Australia and there was no problem with the Australian visa I had a month ago. According to the regulations, it takes about a week to change the new passport as soon as possible. Later, through an acquaintance friend of the Public Security Bureau’s Certification Center, it was completed within three days, and the visa of the Philippine Embassy was also obtained in five days. After getting the visa, we booked a flight to Manila in Hong Kong in the afternoon of September 15. We set off Guangzhou at noon that day and arrived at the Hong Kong airport in the afternoon. During the waiting process, unfortunately, the airline regretted the notice due to the typhoon. “Mangkhut” is sweeping across the Philippines. Manila airport was forced to temporarily close, all flights to Manila were canceled on the same day, and the departure time was to be determined. Our mood has fallen to the bottom. I have heard about it before coming to Hong Kong. The typhoon “Mangkhut” is fierce. The center wind is above 17 and it is one of the strongest typhoons in recent decades. In the next few days, it will be in Guangdong Province. Coastal landing. But I didn’t expect it to happen, and the typhoon center was registered in Zhuhai, which is very close to Hong Kong airport. I had to go back to Guangzhou, so I quickly bought the high-speed train ticket for the day and returned to Guangzhou smoothly. I finally escaped this calamity.


This study tour was handled through the Shanghai Wuan Study Tour Agency. Their staffs are very friendly and patient, and they are professional, efficient and organized. I have to answer a dozen consecutive questions every day, as well as consultations in recent days. They are very patient and try to give me a satisfactory answer, and remind us, what to bring before departure? How to change the peso after arriving in the Philippines? Which kind of phone card is more cost-effective to buy? How do I take a taxi to the coach terminal after arriving at the airport? Which company has the cheapest ticket and so on. I would like to thank you very much, Nancy, of Shanghai Wu’an Study Tour Company for giving us patient answers and guidance.


On October 15th, the study tour of the Baguio JlC in the Philippines has finally opened again. We departed from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport early in the morning and arrived at Manila Airport two hours later. Then we took a taxi to PASAY TERMINAL and bought a JOY BUS ticket from Manila to Baguio. Each fare is about RMB 90. For the luxury bus, space is large, the sitting is very comfortable, the air-conditioning on the bus is also very good, and each person has a blanket, biscuits, mineral water. With joy and joy along the way, at three o’clock in the afternoon, I finally arrived at the peaceful, beautiful Baguio JIC English Training School.


Today is the date of registration and registration of this new studies. The sun is shining, the air is fresh, and the climate is cool. JIC’s teachers are very enthusiastic and patiently teaching us all kinds of things that should be paid attention to during the study. We immediately felt this JIC. The big family is so warm and greatly motivated to encourage me to test the confidence of IELTS. Before coming to Baguio JIC, we were a little worried about the three meals a day at school, but when I walked into JIC’s restaurant and cafe, this kind of worry is obviously unnecessary! Here JIC teacher and The staff are very nice.


In short, today is a very special day for me to come to JIC. I look forward to seeing new teachers and new students from different countries tomorrow!