JIC – My New Life Abroad

In order to prepare for IELTS, I started to understand English schools through various channels. I got recommendations about some Spartan English mode schools in the Philippines through some friends. I heard that although it is very tiresome it works well. The English environment is very good, and the price is much cheaper than domestic. I started to understand the information of different schools through the website, public number and intermediary channels. Finally, I chose the JIC English School in Baguio, the Philippines through the intermediary (new starting point). Then, determine the time, get a visa, and start Baguio. I chose to pick up the plane. If you are not afraid of trouble, it is also very convenient to take your own JOYBUS.

Reach the airport!

jic 1

From Manila to Baguio, the distance is a little bit far away. The school is in the mountains (the small partner of motion sickness remembers to take some motion sickness medicine). When you arrive at school, you will arrange your accommodation. The accommodation will be divided into three rooms and four people. Some students from China, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam will find many Koreans and Japanese, so the roommates are random in different countries.

After entering the school, you will go to the first day of study and conduct a comprehensive simulation test (one day) to measure your current English level. The school can also help you improve your English more efficiently. The course is divided into one-on-one and class. One-on-one will carry out oral and writing training in a small room. The class will communicate with different students and teachers. At the same time, many homework will be left and the course will be full. Can be mediation), there is a mandatory self-study class at 10:20 in the evening (no round-trip points)

The first day at JIC

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In the beginning, I feel that I am not tired of getting tired and can’t finish my homework. After a long time, I will keep up with the rhythm of learning around me, and my English will gradually improve. I have been studying here for more than two weeks. I chose to be an IELTS course. Speaking, writing and reading are all taught by one-on-one teachers. The teacher mainly guides students to freely play and understands where you are not good at it. Guide the training. Classes are mainly pronounced. grammar. Brainstorming. BBC. Every day, there are different writing assignments, words, and readings, which need to be written every night, and weekly tests every Friday. You can understand the improvement of your level. There is a mock exam at the end of each month.

The school environment

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About the school:

School meals vary from country to country because of different countries. It is only necessary to have a regular meal in the morning, evening and evening. On weekends, you can go out and sample local specialties. (It is a good idea to bring some old moms. Oh).

At the same time, there will be people to help wash the clothes (put in the clothes bucket to write the type and name of the clothes you want to wash, someone will wash them for you), there is a simple basic small supermarket near the school, and you can go out for ten minutes on weekends. The only large shopping mall SM. You can go shopping after a tired weekend on Mondays and Fridays, or you can have dinner with your classmates and experience a massage.

About changing money:

When you arrive at the airport, it is recommended to change the peso (PHP). When you need to change the peso, there is also a place for personal exchange on the school side.

About the weather:

Baguio is a mountain city. The climate is cool. The average temperature is 20 degrees. Occasionally it rains a little bit cold (although the Philippines’ overall climate is warm it is in the mountains and it will be cold when it rains, remember to bring some slightly thicker clothes).

jic 7

Take a photo with the teacher and classmates. I hope that in the later study and I can achieve my academic success. Get good IELTS scores.

by Zora