TALK – Jumping to IELTS from ESL

Good morning everyone. My name is Jimmy from Korea. I actually don’t know how to start my speech, but I will start by sharing the experience that I had in Talk Academy for 2 months of my stay here.

When I arrived in Talk academy with my friend Danielle, I was nervous and excited at the same time because it was my first time to step in a foreign country to study. When we arrived here, the guard carried my friend’s luggage to the third floor, I followed them and I was able to see her room and it was better than I thought.

However, when the guard carried my luggage, he suddenly led me outside to a building which the students call ‘Greenhouse’. For no reason, I was almost in tears when I entered the Greenhouse. That time there was a typhoon and it was my first time to meet my batch mates. I was seriously shocked because classes were suspended the whole week, but I realized, it’s a blessing in disguise because I can have a good time.

After that week, I had to fight with tiredness. However, while spending time with my batch mates who are older than me, I learned how to survive in society, and l learned how to be tactful. Aside from that, I think talking with foreign friends and kind teachers in English helped me to recognize and understand that I am indeed in a foreign country to study.


KakaoTalk_20181228_100558516 (1)

I planned to study ESL for one month and IELTS for another month but my teachers recommended me to study IELTS earlier so I chose to study IELTS for 6 weeks. I honestly think it was a wrong decision and that I should have enjoyed my life in ESL more. However, IELTS was really helpful for someone like me who didn’t know how to study IELTS.

As a result, I now know what to study when I go back to Korea, and when I move to Canada for my high school education. It’s going to be really harsh.

Anyway, going back to my experience here, on weekends, I usually walked everywhere I go so that I could learn how to enjoy my holidays as much as I could. When I went to Hundred Islands for my vacation, I really had a great experience which I never had in Korea. We had some troubles, but enjoying with my batchmates was unforgettable.

Whenever I tried Filipino local food, I never failed to appreciate its good taste which means The Philippines fits me, but unfortunately, I can’t stay longer. Thanks to The Philippines’ price, I could buy tons of tasty local snacks, and share with my batch mates and friends.

I like my batchmates as I have mentioned in my speech earlier. I really appreciate my batch mates, my ESL teachers, IELTS teachers, and all my friends.

Thank you. – Lee Yue Yeol