Aki of JIC – The IELTS Journey

JIC: Let’s talk about your life in the Philippines. So how was your stay in JIC?

AKI: It’s good. Actually, I’ve been to another academy before; compared there JIC Cafeteria is better.

JIC: How about your experience with teachers?

AKI: All teachers are really enthusiastic and passionate, they’re really knowledgeable – even if I ask really difficult and tough questions they’re able to answer the questions.

JIC: Very, very nice to hear! How about IELTS? You’ve been studying IELTS quite some time here in JIC what is your impression about studying IELTS here?

AKI: Studying IELTS is tough but that’s what I wanted for a long time so I never get bored and I already have 6.0 now, I got 6.0 3 months ago in my previous academy then I want to go to Australia college and required score is 5.5, 6.0 is quite enough for me but while I’m studying for 3 months in here (JIC) it’s just challenging, I want to challenge myself. So, I want to break my limitation in studying.

JIC: That’s like the motto of JIC – Take the Challenge and enjoy the Journey! Anyways, since you are talking about challenge, we know that IELTS is quite difficult but what was your greatest challenge that you’ve experience here in JIC?

AKI: I started studying IELTS 5 months ago then before that I never studied IELTS before then when I enrolled in my previous academy my OBS was 4.0, it was actually 3.75 but it became 4.0 then my reading score was 2.5 but after 2 months in previous academy I was able to get 6.0 in the Official Test. After I came here (JIC) I was able to get 7.5 in my test, so I can see my improvement here in JIC as well.

JIC: That’s very good! It is nice seeing you smile every day. What is your advice to other students who plan to come to JIC and study IELTS?

AKI:  Before studying IELTS, you must study basic beforehand because IELTS is quite hard and advanced. So if the person does not have the basic maybe he/she cannot see the improvement.