BECI Academy – Student Review












How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?

I found ‘BECI’ through the internet after I decided to study in Baguio. In addition, the agency also recommended it to me. I chose ‘BECI’ because I saw the picture of the dormitory and academic building. It looks clean and comfortable to stay in for 3months

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What English skill you have improved the most?

I think I have improved two kinds of English skills, writing and speaking. When I was in Korea, I haven’t ever talked with friends of mine using English. Since I came here, I always use English in speaking, writing and other subjects.

Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?

BECI exceeded my expectations. The first I came here, I didn’t have confidence to study English. While I studied, the here, teachers and friends make me study more. They motivated me a lot The reason why I improved English is because I’m satisfied with the studying environment in BECI


Can you tell something about the course, its curriculum and teaching methods?

I enrolled semi-sparta course. This course consists of 2group classes and 4 man to man classes. If I want to attend the night class, I can join the class. Group class is focused on listening and speaking. The subjects are essential for us because I can share my opinions and compare it with others. Man to man class is focused on correcting sentence structure and grammar. The best advantage of this curriculum is that all teachers consider their student’s level.

What advise can you give for interested students?

If you are interested in BECI, I suggest you enroll here. BECI is a good environment to study. There are many foreigners like Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese. It’s a chance for you to not only improve English skills but also make many foreign friends.