Taiwanese student Stan shared about what he felt during 6weeks in CNS2.

(Stan / 26 / Taiwanese)



  1. How do you feel about CNS2 while studying here? (Kindly give CNS2’s strengths when it comes to environment, students, teachers and others).


I was impressed that the students at this school studied very hard. In addition, most of them already know their target scores and future plans. Hence, studying becomes the only thing that everyone wants to focus on even during weekends.

Moreover, I can feel that all subjects improve a lot at the same time. In addition to learning English in class, we have to communicate with our classmates 24 hours a day. This means you can get a lot of feedback from your school life. It also benefits our ability when taking the actual IELTS test.



  1. Do you have any recommendations for CNS2 and new students? (Kindly give both.)


Personally, I think it would be better if you had a better understanding of IELTS before going to language school. For example, try to understand the assessment criteria especially for speaking and writing. It allows you to move in the right direction from the beginning. Also, prepare your own materials. More preparation dramatically reduces the amount of time wasted in realizing the IELTS test method.