BECI Academy – Student Review ANNA TRAN (TRAN THI CAM TU)














How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?

I like learning English in a good environment where I can close with nature to relax after hard studying.  Therefore, the agency also recommended BECI to me. After I watched video and photos about BECI, I know it’s suitable for me. Therefore, BECI‘s tuition fee is reasonable for me. So I decide to study in BECI.


What English skill you have improved the most?

Before I am in here my pronunciation has many mistakes that’s the reason why I wasn’t confident to speak English. After 2 months, I think my pronunciation is improved the most in all skills. Now, I can speak English more fluently.



Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?

I feel satisfied with BECI life and study. Teachers and staffs in BECI are very friendly. They help me everything not only teach English but also share me Baguio life experiences. Sometime I feel tired they always beside and courage me to have more motivations to study English. Beside that, I really like Lounge area. It’s wonderful place that you can learn English yourself.


Can you tell something about the course, its curriculum and teaching methods?

I learn semi-sparta course. So I have time to relax and work in my company through Internet. I am really interested in speaking class. Because my teachers fix me when I have a mistake and they teach me how to share my ideas in English by simple ways. About listening class should be equipped cassettes to learn easier. Except listening class, I think I am very satisfied with this course in here.



What advise can you give for interested students?

In BECI you can focus on studying English completely and the weather in Baguio is suit to learn English. Especially, you can enjoy the fresh air and quit peaceful in here. I suggest our food can be more fish and less chicken. If I have time in the future I will choose BECI again. Let”s learn English in BECI. This is good place to improve English.