Monthly Test in Junior CNS


Today, I would like to introduce you about Monthly Test from the Junior CNS Language Institute.


Monthly Test is a test to find out how much students have improved and what parts are lacking Students take four kinds of tests.

Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading

All tests are conducted at the individual level of the students. It’s true that testing is a burden. But, it’s a necessary process to teach children to fit their English skills.


Unlike anywhere else where testing is simple, the Junior CNS Language Institute has a detailed test program.

These tests, which take a whole day from morning to afternoon, can let us know how much children have improved English.

Depending on the results, a retest is conducted to measure English ability more accurately.

With the Monthly Test, children’s English ability is improved by improving efficiency in their English study.



​ When a foreign teacher asks a question, the students answer it. The teacher asks some questions at the students’ level. Before starting, the teacher will talk about something for a relaxed atmosphere. It’s very hard to answer if there’s a camera in front of you because you can feel very nervous, but it’s a little bit easier to lighten the mood, isn’t it?



​ If you look at the below of the picture, there are three children who are the youngest students in Junior CNS, are focusing on sound from radio and concentrating on answering the questions.
Although there are some difficult questions, all of our junior CNS language school’s students is working hard to solve the problem



It is a time to evaluate your reading ability in English. Some students are drawing lines and circles in sentences, and they’re all concentrating on solving problems.
The students who take the test may be nervous, but the teachers say they do as well.
Since they’ve been studying hard together, they would like every students does well on the test, right?



The following is the Writing Test time: The children write in English and evaluate their ability to compose sentences by presenting a topic of conversation Some students write down quickly, and others don’t know how to write more. Through the test, they will have a chance to look back at themselves, such as, “This part was difficult for me, but now it’s easy. I’ve improved,” and “This part should work harder,”




For those of them who are most curious, concerned about how well the children are listening to their teachers, how their English is improving, and how they are doing well with their friends, it must be their parents.

As the course content and direction are reinforced based on the child’s test results, our director personally consults with the parents of all children.
During the camp, we have more than 60 students, but he does that monthly counseling.
In addition to counseling on a simple child’s English skills, there is also a counseling session on his or her entire life in CNS.
It’s only possible if you spend a lot of time with all of your children and figure out how they live and look, right?
In fact, he spends lots of time with students, such as going around the hall to check if they are doing well in class, talking to them on the playground and playing sports with them.
He’s not a strict or authoritative director, but he’s very kind that every students likes.

As they studied hard at this Monthly Test, I hope everyone will get good grades, but I hope our students won’t be depressed even if they get worse than they thought!
Now that you know what’s missing, you just can get back on your mind and make up for what’s missing.

And for the results to be good, the process is also important because we know that we shouldn’t neglect any part of it.
We will do our best for all students at Junior CNS Language Institute.


-All of Junior CNS’ teachers