Joyful Lunch Time at Jr.CNS

Today, I’m going to give you more information about junior CNS’ lunch time.

After waking up, children finished 5 morning classes. Sometimes they would have been fun and also difficult and hard times from first to fifth classes.
In contrast to the feeling of a full head, their stomach would be growling.


When the bell rings to announce the end of the fifth class, students go up as much as fast to the dining room to have a great lunch!



You can eat as freely as you want.
When they get soup, it is safely distributed and slowly sit in their seat.

At this time, teachers are with them.


This is some pictures of making Kimchi at Junior CNS.
The chili powder that is from Korea is to make kimchi as often as possible to suit children’s tastes. Children love fresh kimchi so much that even those who didn’t eat it in Korea turn into children who enjoy it.

In the camp season, the way children get the lunch is a little bit different.


ripe kimchi / Japchae / ripe perilla leaves / Stirring fish / lettuce / pork barbecue / white rice


Ripe chonggak kimchi / pumpkin pancakes / corn / spams / bean sprouts soup / white rice


Bibimbap / Bean sprouts Soup / Ripe Chonggak Kimchi



We can confidently say that you don’t have to worry about like “Maybe my child is having trouble eating because the food doesn’t suit his taste.”
At Junior CNS Language Institute, we consider the health of students with a various type of food, a menu that changes every day, and a diet that is well-balanced in nutrition.
There are four or five basic types of side dishes that are even hard to put on the plate.
Even children who doesn’t eat a lot, they often eat well, so they often gain weight.:)

In holidays such as New Year’s Day or Chuseok like Thanks Giving Day, we prepare the feast food like below’s picture.
In the morning, if It’s one of the students’ birthday, we prepare seaweed soup for the student.
For students who prefer to eat light breakfast, breakfast includes some fruits or milk. Also, for students who say they don’t have enough side dishes for the day, give them a simple egg dish. We stand by in the kitchen all the time, making porridge instantly for students feel sick.


– Tteok soup / Pork barbecue / Bulgogi and Vegetable Brochette/ Japchae / Red Pepper Fried Rice / Injeolmi Tteok / Cucumber kimchi / yellow Mango


We always try to help students concentrate more on learning through their health and delicious meals.

Students who have had a good lunch rest in various ways after meal. They usually come down to the playground and sit down in a chair that can make them relax, and chat with friends and teachers.


Sometimes teachers think that children might want to eat dessert, or they say that they want to eat dessert, we spend lunch time eating dessert like simple ice cream, snacks, bread, etc.



Some students rest in their room or read books in a library, and some students play some games together.


​There are some male students who like sports. They love to play basketball, soccer, dodge ball, etc. with their principal teacher.
Students who were resting in their chairs looked at them and feel excited.

cns jr



I hope children are not afraid of ‘failure’ and ‘challenging’