Student interview – Baguio JIC



JIC:  What is you real name?

Natasha: Liu, Hsin Yi

JIC:  And you are from?

Natasha: Taiwan

JIC: Where in Taiwan?

Natasha: south part, near Thailand.

JIC:  So, who is your favorite teacher?

Natasha: My favorite teacher is Christina.

JIC: Christina right? Why?

Natasha: Because after the class I think so many things I don’t know I find it.

JIC: Anyway, when will you graduate?

Natasha: This week!

JIC: This week? What’s your plan?

Natasha: Back to my country.

JIC: And then you will take the test again?

Natasha: Yeah I thought I will get a test in Taiwan.

JIC: Great! How was your stay here in Baguio?

Natasha: hmmm Baguio, I think it is a very good place. The climate is cool.

JIC: Yes, it’s cool especially now.

Natasha: Comfortable. Good society and safe place than Manila because I heard someone go to manila and there are a lot of robbery by children and taxi driver

JIC: Yes, that’s correct last question Natasha, maybe you give me a message for future Taiwanese students

Natasha: Ooohh…  Message? Hahaha!!!  They should have the skill like how to understands an British English pronunciation, so if they wish to learn IELTS incredibly it will be more efficient.