3+1 students play ‘Amazing Race’ at Burnham Park

Last November 30, 2019 (Saturday), the 3+1 students participated in an out-of-campus activity that helped them put their English skills to use! Together with their teachers who organized the activity, they headed to one of Baguio’s most well-known parks located at the center of the city, Burnham Park!


Proudly carrying the Monol banner, it was time to put what the students had learned to the test! For the day’s activity, they were to compete in an ‘Amazing Race’ with various challenges. Based on the actual reality television show, the students needed to complete certain tasks to finish the game.


The tasks, which were centered on effectively communicating in English, enabled the students to step out of their comfort zones and engage in conversation with the locals and tourists at the park. One of the easier challenges in the game was to buy any product at the location which was below 50 pesos.



With this, the students had to ask around and look for a product that fit the set budget. Once they completed the challenge, they have to ask the locals or people that they interacted with to sign their task cards as proof of completion. 


Other tasks included interviewing a vendor with a set of questions, asking for directions towards the park’s skating rink, and even asking couples around the park how they will be spending their Christmas together.


As the students conquer one challenge after another, they gain new experiences especially when it comes to using English in real-life interactions. This way, they naturally build their confidence in using and speaking English with foreigners as well as being able to put what they’ve learned into practice.


Of course, to make this experience even more memorable, the students took selfies with the people that they talked to. To end a successful and delightful day, the 3+1 students and teachers enjoyed eating together at the Filipino-favorite fast-food chain, Jollibee!


Monol’s 3+1 program enables students to learn English through diverse and engaging activities. Through this program, the school helps students learn English even outside of their classrooms.