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KakaoTalk_20170410_165951579BECI International Language Academy was established in 2003 as the first semi-Sparta training school in Baguio City Philippines. With years of experience as an English school, BECI has developed its techniques, trainings, and learning system to accommodate every students’ leaning needs and capacity. Innovated programs brought by time, practice and a more goal driven people has made us even stronger for competition and hopeful to aim for successful learning experience of every students regardless of their nationalities. BECI aims for a good studying and living environment for students so we have made changes in the setting. The new home for students and a new place for staff is part of the changes and is part of our history as BECI.

BECI is committed in meeting students’ learning expectations. We are confident to say that we have qualified and skilled teachers to cater on students’ learning needs and a group of welcoming staff to guide students’ on their living needs.

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