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JIC Tutorial language Incorporated has been fruitfully operating for 12 years and has recently taken over the operations of C4U Academy. The emergence of JIC over the other has transformed and has flourished into a very dynamic entity. Over the years, JIC has been very committed to understand how its learners gain outstanding results from their studies in JIC. In connection with this, the academy has been very flexible adjusting its system of education through experiential research and launching, at the same time pilot testing its curriculum necessary for the English studies of its students.

JIC has four focal centers to cater to the most specific needs of its students. And students can choose from wide variety of programs. To mention are; the JIC-Semi Sparta Center, the JIC-IB Sparta Center, the JIC- IELTS Center and the JIC-Junior Center. Each center having one area to deal with means higher efficiency in the implementation of its programs, courses or curriculum.

To emphasize, JIC is versatile and students can enjoy studying English with other foreign nationals like Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese. Also, students may take advantage to have native learning classes with its American and British English Teachers.

Indeed JIC is a student-centered academy, having its goals focused more on the improvement of the students and not just simply feeding them with concepts from the books. Its focus therefore is communi- cative competence and application of concepts learned through real-life coping skills. Though being a student-centered academy, it has established rules and regulations for all the students, teachers, and staffs and for the other people working with the organization to makes sure of a sound environment conducive especially to learning while maintaining a standardized way of dealing not only with the students, but also with its system and all its entities.


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