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1.Diversity of nationalities Information:

We believe that a global competitive person needs understanding of other cultures. Not only studying in an academy, but also interacting with other nationalities outside let you improve your English skill faster. This also encourages students to speak English initiatively all the time without imposing them EOP (English Only Policy).

2.Focus on Pronunciation

In order to interact with other nationalities, transmittable speaking is necessary to express your opinion correctly. Teachers’ trainings are being done everyday to make our education quality better and it reduces students’ complaints. We are sure that pronunciation is one of the most important skills that you can learn in the Philippines.

3.Brilliant facilities

The importance of facilities can be recognized after students arrived and this is also one of the factors that helps students concentrate on their studies. We are sure our facility is top level in the Philippines and you can be totally satisfied of our Wi-fi, location and shower…etc.

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