Agency News


Studying English in Baguio Pines is interesting as the English language institute has broadened ties with various Taiwanese agencies that are promoting English learning and tour in the Philippines. The familiarization tour (fam tour) took place on January 24.

Sponsored by Department of Tourism (DOT) , 8 Taiwanese agencies participated in the fam tour. Pines International Academy is one of the English Institutions that was visited by the group. It was just a year since its main campus was launched and the fam tour became tool in creating awareness of how Pines provides premium quality education to its students with its new main campus and updated facilities.

Among the participating Taiwanese agencies were: DeweyEZ GoGo EducationHsinfeiStudy HereFeifan-Study DIYBackpacker Study Tour Studio and Fly Eagle. After the marketing presentation, agents experienced English learning with Pines Academy teachers. They were able to check out the process of learning American accent and pronunciation, grammar and discussion classes under Pines’ EFL Courses.

After attending the demo classes, the group went around the campus to check out the updated facilities and  Pines Students’ English learning and lifestyle. The fam tour group witnessed the actual classes held in 1:1 and 4:1 classrooms. They also checked out the modern accommodation of the students (sextuple and quadruple rooms) with efficient personal space.

Pines Academy extends its appreciation to the Department of Tourism for sponsoring the event filled with tie renewals and fond moments with the Taiwanese Agencies that continue to support the English language institute.